Psychic Pet Detectives is an illustrated middlegrade paranormal mystery series starring thirteen-year-old Phoebe Wish and a team of four-legged friends with extrasensory, crime solving gifts.


Folks come to New Orleans from all over to see Bertha’s Museum of Haunted Objects. She’s got dolls that growl and rocking chairs that rock with nobody in them. There’s a mirror that reflects people who aren’t in the room, and an old fortune telling machine that spits out advice… and threats. Out back, there’s a raggedy vegetable garden brimming with possessed lawn ornaments. (Do not pet the flamingos — they bite!) Thing is, the haunted objects aren’t even the most unusual part about my aunt’s shop. It’s the cursed pets. 
Visitors call them cursed anyway, and there’s enough Hoodoo-Voodoo in this town, I believe them. “Paranormal abilities,” my aunt calls it. All I know is, these pets aren’t normal. Have you ever met a Boston Terrier who can smell the future? Bijou can. How about a Siamese cat who scratches out magical spells in her kitty litter? Purronica does. Shelldon --he’s a box turtle— can levitate and move objects with his mind. And Fritz — well, nobody’s quite sure if Fritz is a dog, a cat, or a creature from outer space, but when he’s really stressed out, he can kill the lights on a whole city block. 
And me? I’m Phoebe Wish, the world’s youngest paranormal private investigator. My parents send me off to Bertha’s every summer. I created the Psychic Pet Detectives to help my aunt collect haunted objects and rescue cursed animals. We tackle the kind of problems no one else will and solve spooky mysteries using our team’s special abilities.
And, oh yeah. I’m cursed, too.